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Good Bonding & Soldering platings

Mitsuya has provided advanced precision plating engineering solution service for various industrial platings. You can find the plating with the good bonding and soldering property on our site.

There are a mechanical junction, soldering, bonding, diffusion bonding in electrical connection technologies. We can provide the plating (metallization) adapted to each connection method.
We recommend the gold plating or the rhodium plating or the hard silver plating for the mechanical joining. Gold plating has been used to many cases in this field. However, gold plating has a disadvantage on the higher price.
One of the features of Mitsuya's electro-nickel plating is suitable for bonding aluminum wires.
We will carry out a variety of proposals if it is possible to consult your conditions.

explanation of Electroless Nickel Plating for Al Wire Bonding

Electroless Nickel Plating for Al Wire Bonding

Available platings

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