Platings > Bright Gold Plating (metallization) (containing Cobalt)

Bright Gold Plating (metallization) (containing Cobalt)

sample of Bright Gold Plating (metallization) (containing Cobalt)

Bright gold plating is the most suitable material for an electric contact. This deposit is a high purity gold material and has good corrosion-resistance properties and good acid-resistance properties.
The purity of gold is 99.5 to 99.7 wt%, including Cobalt element. The hardness is 150 to 200 Hv. We can provide a sealing treatment after plating according to the customer requirement, too.

Functional property

  • Low Contact Resistance
  • High Electrical
  • Good Bondability

Industry employed

  • Sensors
  • High precision connectors
  • Switches
  • Medical
  • Optical Electronics


Availability details

mass production yes
process type B,R,M,H
under plating Ni,Pd-Ni,Ni-P,Ag
prototype yes
experimental trial yes
regular chemical stock yes
B:barrelR:rackM:mesh basketH:reel to reel
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