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Corrosion Resistance Platings

The process of applying a protective metal coating to prevent materials from corroding is referred to as "corrosion prevention plating" or "plating for corrosion prevention." This plating acts as a barrier against corrosion, helping to maintain the integrity and longevity of the underlying material by shielding it from environmental factors that can cause deterioration over time.

Examples are:
・Zinc (or Zinc-Nickel alloy) and Nickel on Iron or steel material
・Silver, Nickel, Tin on Copper alloy

When selecting a plating metal, it is important to choose one that is more resistant to corrosion than the base material. However, if there are pinholes or poor adhesion in the plating, it can actually make the material more susceptible to corrosion compared to the bare material.

Mitsuya offers exceptional plating services that ensure there are no pinholes and strong adhesion in the deposited coating. This is achieved through optimizing pre-treatment conditions and using effective underlayer plating techniques.

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