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Corrosion Resistant platings

Mitsuya has provided advanced precision plating engineering solution services for various industrial platings. You can find the plating with the corrosion resistant property on our site.

The plating (metallization) for protecting materials from the corrosion is called "plating for corrosion prevention".
For example, zinc or zinc-nickel alloy, and nickel plating on the iron or steel materials or silver, nickel, tin plating on the copper alloy.
Plating metal should be choosed as more difficult to corrosion than the base material. However, if there are pinholes or poor adhesions, the plated material is rather corrosive than the bare material.
Mitsuya provide the excellent plating which has no pinhole and good adhesion deposit by optimizing pre-treatment condition and under layer plating (undercoat).

Available platings

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