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Light Absorbing/Anti Reflective platings

Mitsuya has provided advanced precision plating engineering solution service for various industrial gold platings. You can find the plating with the light absorbing / anti-reflective property on our site.

By blackening the surface, a reflection of light is prevented. Mitsuya provides the black nickel plating. This plating can efficiently absorb a sunlight and convert to the heat, and it is also possible to suppress the loss due to a heat radiation of the heated absorbing material itself.
We call these materials as a selective absorption material. In the solar light wavelength range (0.3 to 2.5 μm), the absorption rate is higher, and in the infrared wavelength range (3.0 to 20 μm) it is better, as smaller the emissivity.
Mitsuya's copper - blackening deposit is used for various optical products such as ultraviolet, visible and infrared absorbing films, stray light removing films, projectors, microscopes, spectroscopic apparatuses, laser processing machines, infrared detecting elements and so on.

Available platings

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