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Paramagnetic platings

Mitsuya has provided advanced precision plating engineering solution service for various industrial gold platings. You can find the plating with the paramagnetic property on our site.

Magnetic materials can be categorized into three types, paramagnetic, ferromagnetic and diamagnetic.
A paramagnetic substance is magnetized when it put into a magnetic field, and it becomes nonmagnetizable when the magnetic field is removed.
The ferromagnetic material is remained magnetized even after removing a magnetic field. In addition, the ferromagnetic material can be categorized into a hard magnetic material and a soft magnetic material. Hard magnetic material is used as a permanent magnet, because it has a strongly magnetized.
On the other hand, the soft magnetic material is used as a storage medium, because the magnetization disappears or reverses relatively easily.
Our Nickel Iron alloy plating is a soft magnetic material. This plating can be like an invar or permalloy which has special characteristic by adjusting the content rate of Fe. It can be applied to magnetic shield, magnetic head, and magnetic sensor material.

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