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Anti Nickel-Allergic platings

Mitsuya has provided advanced precision plating engineering solution services for various industrial platings. You can find the plating with the anti nickel allergic property on our site.

A Cause of metal allergy is as follows.
Metal ions melted by sweat etc. combine with proteins in the body. After that, it changes to an allergen.
Therefore, it is unsuitable to use plating which tends to be allergen for products directly touch the skin often.
It is effective to countermeasures against a metal allergy by using material or plating metal which hardly becomes allergen.
Mitsuya can provide the following plating (metallization) technology with low allergen risk.
Direct gold plating on SUS, direct silver plating on SUS, direct tin plating on SUS, gold iron alloy plating, copper tin alloy plating, copper tin zinc alloy plating.

Available platings

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