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Mitsuya was established in 1931, and has 4 operating sites at Tokyo Shinagawa, Tokyo Hachioji, Yamagata Yonezawa, and Yamanashi Kofu.
We had provided an advanced plating solutions for various industrial products in the domestic market and the overseas market.
Our current company information is the follows.

Company Name Mitsuya Co., Ltd.
Established 1931
Capital JPY15,000,000
Headquater 3-8-11, Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0031 Japan
(Tel) +81-3-6421-7197  
(Fax) +81-3-3492-7199
Employees 301 employees (as of June 30, 2023)
Business Plating & Finishing solution for the industry products
Market Domestic Market, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, North America, Western Europe

Community & Organization

We are a member of the following communities and organizations.

Technical Center (R&D)

Technical Center

Recently, our customer requirement has been wide field and new developed material and metal has been released. Additionally, the products have been precise and required a high quality.
Mitsuya set up the technical center in our headquater to provide our advanced solution of a fine plating and finishing. Out technical center is an independent laboratory from our factories, and able to research and development for the advance technology.


Gotanda Factory

Gotanda Plant

3-8-11, Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo,
141-0031 Japan
(Tel) +81-3-3492-7191  
(Fax) +81-3-3492-7192

Hachioji Factory

Hachioji Plant

1-2-2, Myoujin-cho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo,
192-0046 Japan
(Tel) +81-42-642-7191  
(Fax) +81-42-645-8789

Yonezawa Factory

Yonezawa Plant

1-1-14, Hachimanpara, Yonezawa-shi, Yamagata
992-1128 Japan
(Tel) +81-238-28-7191  
(Fax) +81-238-28-7197

Kofu Factory

Kofu Plant

817, Ochiai-cho, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi,
400-0834 Japan
(Tel) +81-55-243-7191  
(Fax) +81-55-241-7164

Plants introduction

Yonezawa Plant Reel to Reel Line

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