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Successful Prototype Plating

Mitsuya has many achievements in the development of new technologies.
* Prototypes are available at the beaker level, but chemicals must be ordered.

Bismuth plating

It is a plating film that is being considered as an alternative to high melting point solder plating.
This plating is also attracting attention as a peripheral component for SiC power devices and automobile engines.

Electroless Copper plating

A plating that enables Cu plating on independent substrates and ceramic materials.
Processing factory: Technology Center, Setagaya Research Institute

Porous Ni Plating

Porous micropores are formed on the surface, which improves resin bonding strength, has a wide surface area, and can be considered as an electrode material.
Processing factory: Setagaya Research Institute

Sn plating for chip capacitors

It is a tin plating for chip capacitors. Weakly acidic tin plating enables good soldering.
Processing factory: Setagaya Research Institute

Electroless Pd plating, Electroless Pd-P plating

The film has excellent heat resistance and anti-diffusion properties. This film is ideal for soldering and Au wire bonding.
Processing factory: Gotanda Factory

High corrosion resistance and high hardness gold plating process

It is a highly corrosion resistant gold plating film that is resistant to medical alkaline cleaning (nickel plating is required as an underlayer).
Processing factory: Hachioji Factory

Tin-Nickel alloy plating

It is an alloy plating film with color tone similar to stainless steel. Even thin films can be expected to have high corrosion resistance.
Processing factory: Yonezawa Factory

Cobalt plating, Electroless Cobalt plating

Like cobalt alloy plating, pure cobalt plating has excellent heat resistance, diffusion prevention, and abrasion resistance. It is also an effective heat-resistant material as it forms a stable oxide film at high temperatures.
Processing factory: Technology Center, Gotanda Factory

Ruthenium plating

It has high hardness and becomes a plating film with good sliding properties. As for corrosion resistance, the film itself is a brittle plating.
Processing factory: Technology Center

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