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3D Printing Platings

Mitsuya is a global leader in plating and advanced surface treatment.
We have a history of over 91 years of experience in plating difficult substrates from various industries.
Many of these industries did not exist when we first started plating but we have developed and adapted or technology and expertise to be able to service these industries with the best and most advanced plating.
Our plating expertise were requested to plate on advanced technologies 3D materials in industries such as next generation communications, aerospace, and medical devices.
The purpose of plating on 3D printed materials is to improve material strength, conductivity, and heat resistance.
We have a track record in plating nickel, copper and silver on 3D printed polymers and alloy materials.
Usually, 3D printed materials with light weight and excellent mechanical properties are used for high performance devices, but some functional properties, such as electrical conductivity, are lacking.
Plating technology is needed to realize these technologies and devices.
3D printing and Additive Manufacturing (AM) 3D printing are no different. Our engineers welcome the challenge and opportunities that come with plating for this industry.
Please contact us today if you have any plating request regarding 3D printed materials or additive manufactured (AM) 3D printed products.

Benefits of working with Mitsuya
Support for prototyping to mass production
Various platings offered
Experience in plating difficult materials

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