gold tin alloy plating

Gold-Tin Alloy plating

as lead-free solder for high-strength and high-reliability connection under high-temperature

indium plating

Indium plating

has low melting point, good water-resistant, good alkali-resistant, good organic acid resistant

reflow tin plating

Tin Reflow plating

in order to suppress the generation of whiskers, perform reflow processing after the plating process

high reflective gold plating

High reflective Gold plating

a special gold plating with high reflectance in 650-850nm wavelength region employed by NASA

rhodium plating

Rhodium plating

has brilliant reflective, excellent wear resistance, low electrical resistance, high corrosion resistance

hard gold plating

Hard Gold plating

wear-resistant gold plating for sliding contact surface, content of cobalt is little, hardness is Hk200~250

electroless gold plating

Electroless Gold plating

a thin gold plating on the nickel surface, plating thickness is less than 0.05μm

matte gold plating

Matte Gold plating

a soft gold deposit which closes to the characteristics of the gold, purity 99.9% or more

gold nickel alloy plating

Gold Nickel alloy plating

hard gold plating has excellent wear resistance and electrical contact resistance property

bright gold plating

Bright Gold plating

a high purity gold material and has good corrosion-resistance and good acid-resistance properties

direct gold plating to SUS

Direct Gold plating on SUS

avoid a nickel allergy due to no nickel as the under layer with high corrosion and heat resistance

reel to reel gold plating

Reel-to-Reel Gold plating

our reel-to-reel gold plating enables the partial depo-sition and is contributed to the cost reduction


Gold-Tin alloy plating

The left movie shows the result of Mitsuya gold-tin plating deposit by DTA. You can see the melting vividly and dramatically at eutectic point. (47sec.)

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Mitsuya adds "Mebakari-kun" to improve inspection
The plating technology of Mitsuya is also in space!
We are pleased to announce that Mitsuya is already working toward the achievement of the SDGs.
Mitsuya cancels participation at the MWC 2020
Mitsuya exhibited at MWC Los Angeles 2019
Mitsuya exhibited at MWC Barcelona 2019
We will exhibite to 4YFN and MWC from 25th February to 28th February in Spain.
New pictures as explanation are introduced at Plating technologies for Jisso field.
Plating technologies for Jisso field is newly introduced in this site.
Contents of platings for semi-conductor has been released newly.
Our website has been renewed. You can enjoy by a mobile phone and a tablet, too.
High Thermal Conductive plating, Non-Magnetic plating, Paramagnetic plating, Anti Nickel-Allergic plating, and Light Absorbing/Anti Reflective plating are newly introduced.
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