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Indium Plating

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Indium is a soft, rare metal with a low melting point of 156.6°C and a Mohs hardness of 1.2, making it a unique for electroplating application. Its softness ensures excellent adhesion to materials like glass, ideal for sealing purposes. Indium's sulfur resistance is valuable for anti-tarnish coatings on silver plating, enhancing durability and appearance.

In addition, indium's wear resistance and lubricity make it suitable for sliding bearings. Indium plating forms uniform coatings on metal surfaces, providing consistent surface properties. Indium also demonstrates excellent resistance to organic acids in lubrication oil, making it an effective choice for applications where chemical stability is crucial.

Its excellent water and alkali resistance make it a preferred choice for low-temperature bonding materials and metal seals. These properties highlight indium's versatility and importance in modern electroplating.

Key Properties of Indium:
・Soft, rare metal
・Low melting point (156.6°C)
・Mohs hardness of 1.2
・Excellent adhesion to materials like glass
・Sulfur resistance
・Wear resistance and lubricity
・Water and alkali resistance

Functional property

  • Sealability
  • Galling Resistance
  • Abrasion & Wear Resistance
  • Water & Alkali Resistance
  • Tarnish Resistance

Industry employed

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Battery


Availability details

mass production no
process type B,R
under plating Ni,Cu
prototype no
experimental trial yes
regular chemical stock yes
B:barrelR:rackM:mesh basketH:reel to reel
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