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Mitsuya’s plating technologies have contributed to solving the problems of the companies in U.S.A.

Tin plating on aluminum substrate

We had an inquiry about tin plating on the aluminum foil from a USA automobile related company.
We performed to plate it and the company evaluated our plating.

Plating on contacts of communication equipment

The company which manufactures and sells communication equipment located in Silicon Valley, required us the plating in order to prevent a wear of the special semiconductor contact parts. We performed to the trial production of hard gold plating.

High strength solder plating

Gold-tin alloy plating was applied to the soldered portion of the semiconductor IC inspection apparatus. The 80 wt% gold-tin alloy was ten times or more stronger than the tin-silver alloy, and gold-tin alloy solder was the most suitable material for the connection at the strong force load portion.

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