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Plating Services

Mitsuya has been providing the following plating services. Our major service is an advanced engineering solution on the industrial plating and finishing functions. And we would like to introduce the feature of our service such as a rapid prototype, function or property analysis service, besides of platings & finishings.

Plating service & Finishing service

Industrial Platings & Finishings

We have been specialized in an advanced engineering solution on the industrial plating and finishing function improvement, like a mechanical strength, sliding property, reflectance, electrical conductive property, etc...
Our engineering solution service has been applied on the various plating metals and various substrates (base materials) plated, and also on the many industries.

One Stop Service

We can provide one stop service in order to minimize your troublesomeness.
You just ask your requiement to Mitsuya only !
We will review your requirement and make our proposal if necessary, and purchase the base material and outsource the mechanical process if necessary, and plate and make a shipment to you.

Free Quotation service

You can inquire about the quotation by our website form simply and quickly for 24 hours. We are going to respond to your inquiry and submit our quotation within 3 working days.
In addtion, we are able to supply our finishing and plating together with base material.

Rapid Prototype service

When you urgently need a sample product, try to our worldwide rapid prototype service. Once we confirm your deposit/payment and receive the base material, we are going to make a shipment to you within 7days.
If you want to know more detail, please click the bellow !

Function & Property Analysis service

Plating Function & Property Analysis

We are also providing the function and property analysis service of our plating and finishing, such as mechanical strength, sliding property, reflectance, surface roughness, electrical conductive property, etc..

Plating Solution service

Examples of our solution results are disclosed. Our solutions on the functional improvement are applied in various industies, like automobile, aerospace, electronics devices, electronics equipment, etc...
And you can download the technical document of our platings and finishings in English or Thai, too.

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