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Rhodium plating

sample of Rhodium plating

We provide rhodium plating for wear resistant and high abrasion/corrosion resistant plating deposit.
The electrical resistance of rhodium is the lowest in the platinum metal group (Pt, Pd. Ru, Rh, Ir).
The hardness of rhodium plating is about Hv800 ~ 1000 as a hard deposit.
Rhodium plating is used for the electrical contacts which are demanded to have strong wear resistance and high surface hardness. We have many years of experience in developing plating for sliding contacts.
Rhodium plating deposit is also used in the decorative fields and the industrial fields, because it has good corrosion resistance and is chemically stable.
However, rhodium plating deposit has high stress, therefore cracks can occur easily in a thick deposit. Rhodium has the following properties.
・Brilliant reflective appearance and the appearance never changes.
・Excellent wear and abrasion resistance.
・Low electrical resistance.
・Low and stable contact resistance.
・High corrosion resistance.

feature of Rhodium plating

Functional property

  • Low Contact Resistant
  • Hard
  • Abrasion & Wear Resistant

Industry employed

  • Construction


Availability details

mass production yes
process type R,M
under plating Ni, flash Au
prototype yes
experimental trial yes
regular chemical stock yes
B:barrelR:rackM:mesh basketH:reel to reel
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