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Solution - Bright Gold plating (metallization) containing Cobalt

Because the electrical cables to lamps used for medical purposes corroded and dissolved break in a few hours under high humidity during the treatment, the cable unit was required the daily exchange. Company F had asked several companies to solve this problem by plating, but no one could provide the effective solution. Our customer introduced us to company F, as saying "If the problem could not be solved by Mitsuya, company F must give up !".
It was necessary to guarantee a quality for a thousand hours above in the atmosphere of nearly 100% humidity such as a disinfectant. The plated material was a special metal which was easy to be oxidized and bent into various shapes while operating. In order to satisfy these harsh requirement, our technical division developed quickly the process met to the specifications and could establish the plating process to mass production for 2 days.

Plating detail


  • Quality improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Functional property improvement
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