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Matte Gold Plating

sample of Matte Gold Plating

A soft gold plating with characteristics closest to that of gold, has a purity 99.9% or more. Properties are; good corrosion resistant, low electrical resistivity, and good bondability. The hardness of this deposits is form 80 Hv to 110 Hv. This plating is also used for reflecting mirrors.

Functional property

  • Low Contact Resistance
  • Sealability
  • Good Bondability

Industry employed

  • Sensors
  • Medical
  • Semi-conductor (IC)


Availability details

mass production yes
process type B,R,M
under plating Ni,Ni-P
prototype yes
experimental trial yes
regular chemical stock yes
B:barrelR:rackM:mesh basketH:reel to reel
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