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Surface Technology Germany Post-Exhibition Insights


Surface Technology Germany Post-Exhibition Insights

Surface Technology Germany 2024, which took place from June 4-6, wrapped up after three days of networking.

Surface Technology Germany held at the Stuttgart Exhibition Hall with participation from over 240 exhibitors. The majority were chemical manufacturers, equipment providers, and other types of surface treatment providers, with about a fifth of them being plating companies.

Several visitors came to Mitsuya's booth, with some seeking insights into the surface treatment market and others interested in Mitsuya's capabilities. Among all the visitors, a few requested estimates. This exhibition was very productive, with the promotional materials helping to attract customers.

One surprising aspect was that, despite the explanations prepared at the booth, there were still visitors unfamiliar with plating. This was an unexpected issue and something we aim to improve in future exhibitions.

This is not the only exhibition we will be participating in, so stay tuned for updates on upcoming events.

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