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Bright Silver Plating (metallization)

sample of Bright Silver Plating (metallization)

This is high purity silver plating with high thermal and electrical conductivity properties.
The electrical conductivity of silver is the highest among all metals. Our bright silver plating is characterized by its high purity (99.8%). Hardness is around Hv100.
It does not contain other metals. It is used for high-speed and high-frequency wireless modules to reduce the transmission, and is used for the semiconductor lead frames and electronic components to have good solderability and good wire- bonding properties.
In addition, because it has good sliding properties and a good anti-seizing property, it is used for bearings. This deposit is easy to react with chlorine or sulfur and to change color. We can treat it with discoloration prevention processing by customer demand.
Rack, barrel and hoop are all available for plating process type.

Functional property

  • Low Contact Resistance
  • High Electrical
  • High Thermal Conductivity

Industry employed

  • Sensors
  • High precision connectors
  • Switches

Availability details

mass production yes
process type B,R,M,H
under plating Ni,Cu,Ni-P
prototype yes
experimental trial yes
regular chemical stock yes
B:barrelR:rackM:mesh basketH:reel to reel
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