Search Plating & Finishing by Functional Property

Mitsuya has been providing various metal platings & finishings, with our advanced engineering solution on the industrial plating and finishing properties. Our platings & finishings are listed by the functional property, shown as the bellows. We will continue to update and list our latest finishings.

NEW Development

Low Contact Resistance plating

Good Bonding & Soldering plating

Corrosion-Resistant plating

Abrasion and Wear-Resistant plating

High Conductive plating

High Thermal Conductive plating

Sealing plating

Hard plating

Galling Resistance plating

Non-Magnetic plating

Paramagnetic plating

Anti Nickel-Allergic plating

High Reflective plating

Light Absorbing/Anti Reflective plating

Wire Bondability plating

Porous plating for Good Adhesion Resin Painting

Good Sliding / Lubricity plating

Good Release plating

High Frequency plating

Electromagnetic Shield plating

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