Copper Tin alloy plating

Copper-tin alloy plating is an alternative deposits of nickel plating and applied to a new anode electrode material.
A copper-tin alloy with a high tin content is called "speculum alloy". We provide the alloy plating, which tin content is from 30 to 70 wt.%.
This alloy was initially attempted to adopt as the material for the reflector in the world. However, there was a problem such as the reflectance decreases due to oxidation. On the other hand, speculum alloy has been noted again as a new material for alternative deposit of nickel, which cause metal allergy, and for an anode material of lithium battery.

Functional property

  • Anti Nickel-Allergic
  • Non-Magnetic

Industry employed

  • Electronics components
  • Medical
  • Accessories

Availability details

Note: Presently, experimental trial at our technical center only.

factory Tokyo
mass production - - - -
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chemical stock
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process type: B(barrel) R(rack) M(mesh basket) H(reel to reel)

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